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The Importance of Posture

I imagine that many of you are working in your bedrooms whilst we continue to work from home. I wonder how many of you are tempted to sit on your beds, propped up with pillows or even lying back with your device on your lap. If this is you then please sit up for a moment and pay attention to this message. You might be surprised to hear that your posture and your well-being are strongly connected. Your spine is the powerhouse to your whole body and needs to be looked after and treated with the uttermost respect.  

A poor posture affects muscles and impairs joint function, it also places stress on vertebrae and other joints, and can have a negative effect on your spinal cord and even, over time, cause muscles to tear away from the spine and ribs. Not only are your bones and joints affected by posture but even your digestive system and lung function can be affected too.  

When you maintain a good posture, your muscles are able to function properly, the structures that give your body stability are kept strong, your internal organs are given the space they need to function properly, blood flow is improved, and you feel better.  

A good posture is so important.  

Firstly, let’s look at what a good posture looks like. So, standing with your feet hip width apart - if you can imagine your spine to be like a piece of string with a weight on the bottom, the top of the string draws up through the top of your head towards the sky so that your hips, shoulders and head are all aligned. With your tummy and behind pulled in towards the string and your knees soft (so not locked), as you look straight ahead, not up or down, that is a neutral spine position, a ‘good’ posture. The same applies when you are sitting down only obviously your hips and knees will be bent, ideally both at a right angle and ideally both feet should remain flat on the floor. Remember to sit tall. Maintaining good posture will also help with your concentration and your mood, when you sit positively, you will also feel more positive.  

Here are a few of the reasons again to stand and to sit tall.  

  • Less stress on your joints and vertebra 

  • Strengthens your core  

  • Creates a strong blood flow to organs, muscles and joints  

  • Helps with breathing 

  • Keeps your neck and spine healthy  

  • Promotes and maintains a positive mood  

Remember to stretch your back and your shoulders regularly as this helps to relieve any built-up tension in your muscles and helps you to realign your posture once again.  

This might seem like hard work to start with but all it takes is a few days practice and you will start to feel the difference. A strong healthy spine is an essential part of your overall wellbeing 

Sit tall and carry on!!  

Written by Emma Williams, Wellbeing Mentor