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School Challenges

Across the foundation, staff are setting challenges for you to take part in from home. 

PE Challenge 

Take at look at King's High Sport Twitter account (@KHSSport) to find out more about the two point six challenge being set for us all by the London marathon team and to see a few familiar faces taking part. If you don't have twitter you can see more here. There's lots of fun ideas on this website too!

Wellbeing Challenge - weekly challenge for w/c 27th April, plan a switch off day with your family where nobody is allowed to use their device all day!

Art Resources for Research and Further Ideas - This is a really useful link for further research opportunities.

Here is another wonderful resource too with brand new additions such as the ability to curate your own exhibition.

 ‚ÄčPoetry for the NHS - Children at the Prep will be writing and illustrating limericks and poems for the NHS though their English lessons over the next couple of weeks. These will be made into a book through which we hope to raise money for the NHS.

Mrs Dodsworth’s Treasure Hunt - Entries can still be submitted for Mrs Dodsworth’s Treasure hunt which was set over the Easter holidays – how well do you know your school?!

Sports Challenges -Ms Sarson is setting a daily ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ activity for each year group and then an afternoon physical activity making the most of things you may find in your home or garden. How many have you managed to do?

Book of Limericks & Poetry - To celebrate National Limerick Day, we have decided to create our very own ‘WPS Book of Limericks & Poetry’ and provide each and every member of our school community the opportunity to become a published poet like Edward Leah. Pupils have been asked to email their completed limerick / poem, to Find out more.

Junior School Art Challenge: Mr Herringshaw is challenging boys to produce a drawing that is one long line. You may draw whatever you like but once you start you must ensure your pen does not leave the page until you are finished. To find out more.

Teatime Concerts: Some of you will remember the days when we had our wonderful ‘Teatime Concerts’ which were opportunities for boys to play a solo on their instruments or sing a song that they were working on in their music lessons. Well, they are back! We are introducing some ‘Teatime Podcasts’ where boys can send Miss Sharp recordings of themselves playing a solo on their instruments and she will put them together into a podcast that will be sent out as a link in this newsletter.

If your son would like to perform in one of these podcasts, then please email Miss Sharp on and she will send you a link to upload a recording of him singing or playing.

Virtual Challenge from Hong Kong to Beijing
School House (which currently comprises 19 boarders and 6 staff) are aiming to virtually travel the distance from Hong Kong to Beijing by the end of February half term. Read their progress.

House Music Competition - is back!

This time, each House must complete as many of the following Music Bingo Challenges as possible. There are challenges for all abilities. See the challenges listed below.

The Challenges


1. Perform a piece of music in fancy dress

2. Play a high note

3. Play a low note

4. Perform a movie theme tune

5. Perform a difficult scale - bonus points for a very difficult scale

6. Perform a piece of music in an unusual place

7. Perform a piece with a 5/4 time signature

8. Perform a piece of Jazz music

9. Play a long note

10. Perform a song by Madonna

11. Perform a movement from a sonata or concerto

12. Play a homemade instrument

13. Play a piece with a 3/4 time signature

14. Perform a piece you composed yourself

15. Play Happy Birthday backwards

16. Perform a piece with a 6/8 time signature

17. Play something really fast

18. Perform a duet with a pet

19. Play a Fugue

20. Play two instruments at the same time

21. Perform the national anthem of another country (please say which country on your video) – bonus points for the more obscure

Submit a video of yourself performing one or more of these musical challenges here…


The first House to complete and upload videos of all the challenges wins. Remaining Houses will be ranked in order of completion, or if Houses do not complete all the challenges, by how many individual challenges they have submitted.

Bonus points will be awarded to individuals who complete 7 or more challenges.

You have until SUNDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2021 to upload your videos.


You can do multiple challenges on one video if you wish.

Musical ability is not being judged, but bonus points will be given for notable performances.

TOP TIP: Get organised, share the workload. 21 challenges, 7 year groups = 3 challenges per year group… easy.

May the best House win.

Mr Robertson, Director of Music, Warwick School

Fitness Sessions

In Fitness Sessions the boys have been challenged to beat Mr Wade's pace on a run. Some results have already started coming in and Mr Wade is going to have to up the pace to keep the pressure on.

Games - alternative fitness

Boys in Year 8 - Year 13 have been selecting a variety of challenges from climbing flights of stairs (at least as tall as Warwick Castle) to reaction and gymnastic challenges in a ‘pick and mix’ style afternoon session. The PE department have been impressed to see boys getting creative and adapting the challenges to suit the availability of equipment and space at home.

Core PE

The boys have been taking on a range of challenges that create workouts for them to complete. One example of this was picking a 5 a-side team made from a selection of England football players and each player has a different exercise value.