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Warwick School Music Challenge

Mr Robertson, Head of Music Performance, will be running a weekly House Music Competition, and valuable house points are on offer upon completion of the challenges. 

The task for week commencing 20th April was to upload a video of yourself playing the longest note you can on your instrument. This included home made instruments and voices too! 

The winning house was Brooke, with a convincing win of 2 1/2 minutes.

1st place: Brooke - 8 minutes 30 seconds (or 3 hours 24 minutes 55 seconds if you include Tommy Perry's ethically questionable, but cunning entry)

2nd place: Oken - 5 minutes 59 seconds

3rd place: Tudor - 3 minutes 32 seconds

4th place: Guy - 1 minute 38 seconds

5th place: Leycester - 1 minute 15 seconds

Alas, not a single entry from Greville, who are therefore disqualified.

In addition, 5 House Points were awarded for each of the following:

Theatricality Award: Tim Yeung (Leycester) - for turning a single note into a captivating performance.

Noisy Neighbour Award: Tivik Perananthem (Tudor) - for playing his trumpet note in the garden.

Machiavellian Award: Tommy Perry (Brooke) - for an creating an ingenious way to play a note for over 3 hours.

House Points Allocation

Brooke: 30 points

Tudor: 20 points

Oken: 18 points

Guy: 15 points

Leycetser: 15 points

Greville: DSQ

Congratulations to everyone who took part. Details of the next House Music Competition will be announced shortly on the weekly challenge page.